Deceased   ID = 60351  
Deceased Name (maiden):   Jackson, Maxine Mamie ()  
Address:     Evansville, Indiana  
Date of Death:     Tuesday, December 05, 2000  
Obituary Date:      
Cause of Death:   Renal Failure  
Place of Death:     St Marys Medical Center  
Age:     61  
Minister:     Rev Adrian Brooks  
Church:     Memorial Baptist  
Cemetery:      Oak Hill Evansville IN  
Funeral Home:     Alexander East  
Activities:     Foster grandparent Husband Ira preceded her in death  

Relative   Type   Location   Comments  
Coleman, James   Grandchild      
Copeland, Virginia   Sister   Evansville, Indiana    
Green, Debra   Daughter   Evansville, Indiana    
Green, Shira   Grandchild      
Jackson, Iris   Daughter   Evansville, Indiana    
Malone, Flora   Sister   Auburn, Kentucky    
Nieces and Nephews        
Nolan, Greg   Grandchild      
Nolan, Genise   Grandchild      
Sawyer, Diana   Daughter   Evansville, Indiana    
Tramill, Lucretia   Daughter   Evansville, Indiana    
White, Noah   Grandchild      
Wisdom Jr, James   Brother   Evansville, Indiana